Amy Winehouse: The Curse of 27

It was sad to hear the news this weekend that Amy Winehouse had died. Partly because her life was cut short so young and partly because the path she was on almost made the outcome almost inevitable.

It seemed the “curse of 27” had struck again and Amy Winehouse added her name to a long list of stars who lived hard and died young, all at the same age:

Kurt Cobain. Jimi Hendrix. Janis Joplin. Jim Morrison…

But 27 is a strange age for everyone, not just multi-million selling musicians. The fact that these musicians achieved so much before they even reached 27 makes ordinary people seem – well- even more ordinary.

Up until your mid-twenties your horizons are generally widening. You go to uni and you suddenly have the freedom from the restrictions of your parents. You get a job and you have your own money which you can spend recklessly and at will, without a hint of guilt. You have the freedom to flit around from job to job, location to location, trying different lives on for size.

But at 27 you suddenly realise that certain options are no longer available to you. Your options are narrowing. It’s time to decide what to do with your life.

4 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse: The Curse of 27

  1. A tragedy. Whatever your views on her lifestyle, she was a phenomenon and made a massive contribution to the musical industry. Certainly makes you examine the lyrics of songs more closely. I, for one, am deeply saddened. You are right though, Ruth, 27 is an age where we do, and should, look back over our lives and find our paths forward. In the looking back, perhaps embracing our achievements, rather than what we perceive to be our failures.

    • 27 is the age that I had my first child and that was certainly life changing in every sense. It was defining in that, with hindsight, I consider it a life before and life after scenario/crossroads. It’s truly sad to learn of a promising life and talent cut so short.

  2. I’m glad I never knew 27 was the age you were supposed to slow down or grow up. I think if I’d known, I’d have probably acted even less mature (if that was possible!)

    Your book sounds intriguing though, I love the idea of six friends and their interactions as they grow up (or don’t). Can’t wait!

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