Setting – where do people want to read about?

Perhaps surprisingly, the Bestseller Code found the most popular setting for bestselling novels is a pretty ordinary one – towns or cities. It’s a shame in a way, as there’s something fascinating about people’s lives in a close-knit community like a small village. These environments allow characters’ lives to be woven together in multiple, connected relationships. I’ve also been tempted in the past to write a beach book set on a an actual beach – a murder in a holiday resort for example.

But I’ll put aside those ideas for later. Because this year NaNoWrimo is about maximising my chances of writing a popular novel. And so I’ll set my novel in a big city. Specifically London as this is the city I know most well, and therefore it will be easier to write about without too much research.

The novel is about mums, and most families don’t live in central London, so this will be set in the leafy suburbs.