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A “Five Stop Story” is a short story that can be read in five stops on the London Underground. This book contains 31 stories, all of which can be read in a short journey on the tube or subway.

Five Stop Story’s first collection presents short stories from some of the best new international writers. From Namibia to Japan, the UK to the US, from award winning writers to brand new talent, Five Stop Story’s anthology showcases the best short stories from over 1,000 entries to our monthly writing competitions.
The book is split into five sections: In “Tales of Betrayal” there are multiple affairs, a prison breakout and a murder. “The Journey of Life” contains the stories of some intriguing characters. “A Lighter Touch” provides light relief and satire that will make you laugh out loud. “Life-changing Events” focuses on those fateful moments when your life pivots and changes, by accident, or by design. Finally, “A Slice of Life” absorbs you in individual, yet revealing moments in the lives of ordinary people.

The stories are quick, enjoyable reads that are ideal for spare moments; whether you’re waiting to meet a friend for coffee, on your way to work on the tube or even waiting for the bus.


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