My NanoWrimo 2016 Challenge

In my last post, I laid out my plan to use “The Bestseller Code” to write my NanoWrimo 2016 novel.
I’ve completed NanoWrimo twice – once in 2010, when I produced the first draft of “27: Six Friends, One Year.” And once in 2014 when I wrote a first draft of “Kasia and Karl,” a book about a Polish girl who gets sucked into webcamming while working in the UK.
After a lot of editing, I published “27” through my own publishing house, Dancing Parrot Press. “Kasia and Karl” has undergone a bit of editing, but spends most of its days chilling out on my hard drive, undisturbed by the sharp pencil of the editor.
I’ve attempted NanoWrimo on several other occasions, but each time life has got in the way and I haven’t completed it.
This time I will complete it and use “The Bestseller Code” as a blueprint my writing.
The rules of NanoWrimo state you need to write 50,000 words in a month. When I wrote “Kasia and Karl” I exceeded that at about 70-80,000. 50,000 words is slightly short for a full length novel, so I plan to hit 70-80,000 again.
So that’s my target – I’ll get to work on setting out a more detailed plan of action in my next post!

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