Targets for NanoWrimo

I previously mentioned that my overall target this year for NanoWrimo was 100,000 words, split into 100 1,000 words scenes.

There are 30 days in November so this works out at 3,334 words a day. But to allow for off days, ill days and too-busy-to-write days, I’ll target 4,000 words a day or 4 scenes of 1,000 words.

I’m going to be practical about the scenes. As long as I plan properly and have plotted out sensible, engaging scenes, then they will get written. But some might not justify a full 1,000 words and some might need a lot more. So it doesn’t matter if an individual scene isn’t 1,000 words. If it only needs 300 than that’s OK. I’lll just move onto the next scene.

It’s also OK to add extra scenes if and when I have good ideas as I go along. But it’s not ok to follow a whim and write an extensive subplot…as I’ve done that before and it’s easy to start writing two parallel books.

So focus is key. Those are the targets. 4,000 words a day. And broadly follow the plan.

Now to get back to writing a sensible plan and plot skeleton!


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